Can You Get High Off CBG? Everything You Need To Know

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August 17, 2023

CBG might seem to be a new term for many, but it stands for cannabigerol, and it is also extracted from the plant cannabis. It is often referred to as the mother of all the components present in the cannabidiol. It is extracted from an acidic form of CBD called CBGA cannabigerol acid. However, CBD comes in a minute amount in the plant cannabis, which is why it is far more expensive than CBD. But it has many potential benefits that make it worth opting for.

How is it made?

Though, as stated above, it is present in very little amount in the plant cannabis, that’s not all. it is present in good concentration when the plant cannabis is younger age-wise, but CBG is converted into CBD and THC as it grows. To be more exact, CBD and THC are initial forms of CBG, which means if a cannabis plant has a high concentration of CBD, all CBG is converted into CBD. To avoid the problem, farmers and investors are checking genetic variation and cross-breeding to produce more and more of it as it has its class of benefits.

How does it work in the body?

Our human body comes with a cannabinoid system that has the potential to interact with CBG. It can help consume CBG with the help of molecules and receptors that combine to form the system in the body. The Endocannabidiol system has two basic receptors C1 and C2. C1 is present in the brain or the whole nervous system, whereas C2 is present in the body’s immune system. CBG has the potential to interact with receptors and therefore promotes pleasure, sleep, and other active components present in our body. Also, it is highly good as it prevents psychoactive features that are otherwise common with THC.

When the folk consume cannabidiol in any form, such as smoke or vape, you allow the CBG and CBD to enter the body system. The CBG then roams around the blood of the whole body. When CBG enters into the brain grey matter, it interacts with a special type of neurons that are locked. In easy words, CBG and CBD unlock the close neurons and allow better transfer of messages and signals into the whole body. This way, both CBG and CBD spread their benefits into the body system, and the user consuming it feels healthy.

How to use?

The most commonly asked feature is how one can use cbg because it is otherwise expensive or hardly found in the plant cannabis. You can use oil to have great benefits. If the oil form is not available, you can use the broad-spectrum CBD oil that comprises all sorts of cannabinoids, including CBG. This way, your body will boost both CBG and CBD, and the benefits will make your immune system strong, and you will be healthy.

Can we get high with it?

Well, this answer to this is a simple no because it is a psychoactive agent, and studies show that it acts as an antagonist to the clumsy action that might occur in the brain due to THC. Like CBD, it has many advantages, and one among them is that it keeps you active and alert. CBG does not cause any type of sedation or does not make you high. So CBG and CBD both are highly safe and secure products to be used by the human body in specific quantities.


The following are the benefits of CBG as listed below.

  • CBG has many anti-bacterial properties, which means it is highly significant against bacterial infections, especially methicillin-resistant or staph aureus.
  • There was a search done that showed the effects of CBG on rat colonic tumors in the form of cancers. It showed great results as cbg had the potential to close down cancer-causing cells and receptors. However, no strong evidence suggests that it can be used on humans, but there is great hope that one day, it can be used to prevent tumors or cancers from growing in the body at a faster level.
  • Huntington’s is a condition of breaking down the nerve cells in the body, but as listed, it acts as a neuroprotectant. When it enters the brain, it unlocks the special neurons that help provide healthy feedback to all other nerve cells and neurons. This way, the condition is well treated with oil, or you can make great use of broad-spectrum CBD.
  • CBG is also used well for treating eye disease glaucoma. It lessens the pressure on the eyes and causes the great flow of aqueous humour, and this way, it can be used in a greater way to get rid of the condition.

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