Can You Take CBD Oil On A Plane?

Can You Take CBD Oil On A Plane?

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August 17, 2023

CBD is loved by many all over the world. And because for many people CBD oil is the ultimate travel companion They are wondering if it is possible to use CBD on a plane whether for domestic flights or for international travel.

Are there any rules for travelling using CBD oil on an airplane?

What is the way that the TSA deal with hemp-derived products?

Are there special requirements to cross-state transport, International flights or for land travel?

Find out more about it!

CBD in Domestic Flights

CBD oil derived from hemp is legal at a federal scale as per the new 2018 Farm Bill and thus allowed to be shipped across state lines.

This includes flying using CBD oil.

Yes you can travel between states using CBD products, without having to worry about a problem with state or federal law.

However, other kinds of CBD such as those that is derived from marijuana, remain prohibited on a federal scale even though some states have legalized marijuana use for recreational purposes It’s therefore not advised to travel with these types across state lines.

It is possible to distinguish between hemp-derived and marijuana-derived CBD oil by looking at the label of the product and determining the percentage of THC present. Legal CBD oils must have 0.3 percent THC or less. It’s crucial that you keep in mind that even though CBD is endorsed from the Federal government specific states could impose restrictions of their own regarding the purchase and use of CBD products.

For many years there was a time when the TSA had banned travel with cannabis of any kind. However, the recent update to the policy clarifies that travelers are able to travel using CBD oil on their flight.

What’s the reason for the abrupt change?

This is the latest news.

TSA Guidelines for CBD

In general, items that have been tested by the FDA or that include hemp-derived CBD and THC levels lower than 0.3 0.3% are legally allowed to be transported within the United States.

If the product you’re using is manufactured in compliance with the guidelines established by TSA You can be rest at ease knowing that you won’t be worried in the terminal.

The TSA’s announcement (from January, 2020) includes the following information regarding travelling using CBD oil:

“Marijuana and some cannabis-infused items, such as certain cannabidiol (CBD) oil, are in violation of federal law, with the exception for those products that do not contain greater than 0.3 percent THC on dry weight basis or have been recognized through the FDA. (See the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, Pub. L. 115-334.) TSA agents are required to report suspect violations of law to state, local as well as federal agencies. .”

“TSA’s screen procedures for screening are geared towards security and intended to spot the possibility of threats to aviation as well as passengers. Therefore, TSA security officers do not look for marijuana or other illicit substances. However, if any illegal substance is detected in a screen, TSA is required to refer the incident an appropriate law enforcement official .”

Also, if you can demonstrate that the CBD oil has 0.3 percent of THC (or less) then you’re good to go. This is why we insist on the importance of testing by a third party lab and certificates of Analysis when shopping for CBD.

Can you fly internationally using CBD Products?

Passenger Sitting in the Airport Looking at the Plane The international laws and regulations for CBD are unclear and can differ from country to country. Therefore, the most effective thing to do is research CBD laws applicable to your location, including the laws for any planned stops.

While CBD can be legalized in a majority of countries, the majority of experts recommend not to take CBD-infused products when traveling particularly if the country you’re visiting has stricter cannabis laws. Being in trouble in a foreign country isn’t an ideal scenario If you want to bring CBD on your trip then it could be simpler to deliver the CBD oil to the destination you’re planning to visitor study on local sellers to determine if they’re selling top-quality CBD products.

Here’s an inventory of countries where CBD is considered to be illegal or whose status is at the very least uncertain:

  • Belgium
  • China
  • India
  • Slovakia

CBD is also banned in the majority of African countries, with the exception of South Africa. Certain Asian countries, including Japan have banned full spectrum CBD therefore should you plan to travel there using CBD it is important to ensure you’re taking a pure isolate along with you.

How to pack CBD while traveling

If you’re traveling by plane, it is important to be extra cautious if you’re planning to bring CBD in your bag or checked baggage. Below , we will briefly discuss the essentials for every type of storage:

Are you able to fly with CBD Oil in your checked luggage?

Yes the checked luggage is the most suitable for travel that contain CBD oil. One of the most crucial things to consider is to take your CBD carefully to ensure that it is quickly accessed by airport authorities You should also carry your certificate of analysis and keep it on hand to show that the CBD oil isn’t more than 0.3 percent of THC.

CBD in Hand Luggage

If you’re planning to travel with liquid forms that contains CBD oil, like vape juice or a tincture take it with you in shatter-proof travel bags. You should also examine the volume of the product to ensure it does not exceed federal guidelines for the size of liquids that can be carried onboard.

Let’s examine the different kinds of CBD products and which ones are recommended for those who travel on planes.

Best Types of CBD to Travel With

CBD Products with Hemp Leaf on a White Background If you’re planning to purchase CBD oil to travel with The “FLOW” acronym may come in useful. What does it mean:

Flowering varieties of cannabis or hemp

Lab examined for purity as well as effectiveness (proven by a certificate of analysis)


W:Whole Plant

The above characteristics can help you evaluate what is the best quality CBD oil and guarantee the safety of CBD oil when it comes to travel.

You can select one of one of the CBD formats:

  • CBD oil
  • CBD capsules
  • CBD edibles (e.g. honey sticks, gummies)
  • CBD vape oil

CBD topical products

Each CBD oil as well as vape oils must meet the federal requirements of transportation on board. The volume of each must stay under 100mL or else your product could be confiscated, without having the option of returning the product to you.

If you are traveling carrying handbags, the ideal kind of CBD oil you can take on planes is edibles or CBD capsules because they don’t have to be restricted by the above limitations. CBD Topicals is another choice to consider — particularly when you are using CBD to treat localized issues.

Whatever the type of product Always carry a proof of analysis to ensure of your security.

Are You Going to Get arrested for traveling using CBD Oil?

As previously mentioned you are able to travel using CBD oil (and travel with it on flights) provided it’s less than 0.3 percent THC. If not, authorities will consider you to be when you’re traveling with marijuana products that is federally banned.

We’ve conducted a quick test between two plants.

Travelling using Hemp and CBD extracted from Marijuana Oil

In 2018, the 2018 Farm Bill introduced significant changes regarding how cannabis plants are viewed by federal law.

“Marijuana” is a term used to describe all cannabis flowers with a level of THC at or above 0.3 percent. Therefore, if you’re CBD oil has 1 percent of THC, it’s illegal and travel with these products is to be a federal crime. Marijuana typically contains between 5 and 30 percent of THC. This could cause users to be high.

Marijuana plants are specifically bred to be used for recreational or medicinal purposes They can be bought only in states that have legal marijuana markets. However, travel using the marijuana-based CBD oil -even between neighboring states with legally legalized cannabis — is unconstitutional until the legalization of federal marijuana.

Hemp is a unique shoe.

This kind of cannabis is non-psychoactive and is a Cannabis Sativa.substrain that has been cultivated for thousands of years because of its fiber strength and its industrial adaptability. Nowadays, hemp is cultivated to produce high CBD plants that are later used to extract CBD oil, as well as various hemp-derived products.

As stipulated in the new Farm Bill, all products made out of hemp are legal at the federal level, even CBD extracts.

Transporting using CBD using various methods of Transportation

On the Road If you’re planning to travel for a vacation via car, there’s not much to worry about. Except for backpackers and you’re traveling across state borders using your CBD that’s why all you have to do is consult the law in your area. If the amount of THC in your CBD oil isn’t more than 0.3 percent, you’re protected. There aren’t any special containers to carry CBD oil or declare it if you are stopped by police.

Mass Transit – you should expect the same guidelines when using CBD via train, bus or other forms of mass transportation. CBD derived from hemp that has an acceptable concentration of THC can be taken on buses and trains when you’re within the boundaries of your nation. If you travel by bus or trains with inter-city connections, then we suggest researching the laws governing hemp CBD products that you are considering since some countries could have certain restrictions for traveling using CBD oil.

Benefits of Taking CBD Oil on a Plane

A Woman Sitting on the Floor Holding Her Head Beside Luggage CBD is a potent health supplement with a variety of advantages. It is a great way to help travelers manage their endocannabinoid system as well as their immune system and neurotransmitter interactions between different systems within your body. This could help alleviate some of the nagging issues that come with flying, including jetlag, stress and insomnia.

For flights that are long We recommend CBD oil for people seeking to lessen stiffness and stiffness of the muscles, and also manage sleep pattern and increase the stress response prior to departure.

If you’re worried about traveling with any of these items you have, it might be easier to purchase CBD oil to be delivered directly to your desired destination.

Tips to Travel using CBD Oil

Review the CBD policy of your destination prior to leaving. It may sound obvious , but it should be on the most important list in case you don’t want to be in trouble with the local laws.

Explore additional restrictions on CBD oil. Can you bring the full spectrum of CBD items to the destination you want? Do you have airlines that allow CBD aboard? As we mentioned, CBD may be federally legal however this doesn’t mean you’re able to take advantage of all forms of CBD available.

Be sure to bring your Certificates of Analysis (COA). The COA is a report from a lab which confirms the CBD potency, the cannabinoid profile, and purity of the product. The COA is all you need to confirm that the CBD oil has the right amount of THC in an inspection.

Search for CBD in travel size. This is especially crucial for hand luggage restrictions. Because the majority of people take CBD by using drops of oil, they’ll be required to comply with the standard restrictions of airports; they generally allow 100ml bottles to be carried onboard. It is possible to consider a different method of CBD that you can use, like vape pen or capsules.

Drop the CBD in your home. If you’re not certain about the legalities surrounding CBD and hemp at the country you are visiting, put away CBD oil in your home, and explore other options or purchase CBD oil on arrival.

Final Ideas on Traveling using CBD Oil on a Plane

CBD oil could aid travelers in coping with stressful flights. But, dealing with legal issues can be more difficult It’s crucial to know the legal status of CBD oil no matter where you go regardless of whether you’re in your home country, your area or even another continent. Being aware of the legal status will assist you in avoiding being arrested for travelling using CBD all over the world.

CBD is legal at an federal scale throughout the United States, so you are able to take CBD oil with you on a plane on domestic flights in addition to when you travel via bus, car or train, as well as other modes of transport.

When traveling internationally, the rules may be more complicated. It is essential to be armed with a certification of analysis in the ready, and last importantly, you should check the regulations surrounding CBD at the time you are arriving.

You now have all the essential information all in one place. We hope that this article can aid you in clearing any confusion about travelling using CBD oil.

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