CBD and Alcohol

CBD and Alcohol: Why You Shouldn’t Mix Them?

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August 17, 2023

CBD and alcohol isn’t a ideal pair.

In reality mixing them doesn’t make any difference for your body.

This is because they’re very different in their impact on the body and the brain as well as the way they impact our health.

Alcohol is a toxins that does not have a “safe” dose according to the largest study of its kind carried out in 195 nations.

CBD On the other hand, is an antioxidant and neuroprotectant and has many health benefits.

With CBD oil available virtually everywhere, many people think about mixing it with other substances such as alcohol to enjoy a drink.

If you can get the option of a CBD-infused pill honey sticks, and other things — then why wouldn’t you drink CBD-infused alcohol?

Alcohol companies are looking to claim their fair share of the pie by infusing their alcohol drinks with CBD, but does this even make sense?

What is the way CBD affect alcohol? Do you have the ability to utilize CBD oil to help with alcohol-related issues, like hangovers, alcohol abuse or withdrawal symptoms?

We provide all about what you must know about this article.

CBD vs Alcohol: A Brief Comparison of Effects

There’s a huge different opinions regarding the impact of CBD as opposed to alcohol on health.


CBD, also known as cannabidiol is a naturally occurring substance that is found inside cannabis seeds. It’s among the most important cannabinoids that are found in the same plant as THC. Contrary to THC, CBD doesn’t get you high as it does not have the intoxicating properties of THC..

In addition, CBD offers a plethora of health benefits to the nervous system and digestive health, immunity as well as skin nourishment and stress management, as well as sensoriality, and many more.

CBD oil is extracted from marijuana and hemp but the majority of CBD that is available worldwide comes from hemp because of it’s legal status.

It is impossible to overdose fatally with CBD. CBD has been tested at quantities as high as 1500 mg per day for several weeks without causing dangerous or life-threatening adverse effects.

Alcohol is a distinct kind of shoe.


Also known under the name ethanol this is the principal intoxicant in alcohol drinks In simple English this is what causes you to be drunk.

Alcohol is derived from the interaction of yeast and sugar found in some high-carb food items like potatoes, grapes and even grains.

The most abused substance around the globe. It has powerful mind-altering effects that can impair your cognitive ability, motor capabilities and the ability to make decisions.

People are often unable to control their emotions under the influence alcohol. Drinking can impair judgment, increases the shyness of people, and also has an adverse effect on your nervous system.

A few of the immediate adverse effects of alcohol are the slurred voice, drowsiness, blurred vision headaches, vomiting, diarrhea, blurred hearing and vision, as well as poor coordination.

Long-term alcohol intoxication can result in addiction, liver disease, nerve damage, malnutrition gastritis, vitamin deficiencies the inability to sexually function, as well as brain damage to mention just some 

Can You Mix CBD and Alcohol?

The primary reason for mixing CBD as well as alcohol comes from the fact the fact that CBD has a soluble alcohol. Ethanol extraction is a well-known method to make CBD tinctures as well as various herbal supplements.

The alcohol, however, is typically evaporated leaving the maker with a viscous liquid with high levels of CBD and other cannabinoids. The liquid is then infused into an edible carrier oil to increase bioavailability.

There is a tendency to not consume CBD with alcohol and with good reason.

CBD works with the body’s endocannabinoid systems (ECS). It is the ECS is a huge network of receptors involved in ensuring that homeostasis is maintained between body’s biological functions such as memory mood, mood, pain perception and body temperature fertility, immune function appetite, and many more.

The ECS contains its own CBD-like molecules , known as Endocannabinoids. If there is a deficiency, the ECS could lead to more dysfunctions in the body that CBD is designed to combat.

CBD triggers the ECS to increase the production of its endocannabinoids, while also slowing their breakdown. With more cannabinoids flowing through the bloodstream of the human body, it will be able to quickly restore equilibrium.

Alcohol is exactly the opposite.

Why Mixing CBD and Alcohol Is Counter-Productive

Alcohol is widely known as a stimulant. Many people drink it to relax and decrease anxiety, social anxieties, and control emotions.

But, the long-term negative effects surpass the short-term advantages. Alcohol has negative effects on both mental and physical health. It can cause serious damage to organs and systems, and that’s not even mentioning the effects of addiction as well as the social harms caused by drinking alcohol.

Consuming alcohol that contains CBD reduces the health benefits since it indirectly affects the ECS.

However, certain studies suggest using a small amount of alcohol combined with a larger dose of CBD might be beneficial in getting sleep and decreasing anxiety.

A study carried out with 75 participants to study the effectiveness of CBD in alleviating stress and improving sleeping. The results showed that a dosage of 25-75 mg of CBD every day for 30 days decreased anxiety-related markers and enhanced sleep patterns of the participants 

A small study has revealed that a combination of 200 mg CBD and 1 milligram of alcohol for 2.2 pounds of weight showed significant improvement in motor performance, as well as shifts in perception of time. The participants didn’t notice these effects if they consumed CBD on its own 

However, it’s not the most trustworthy study since it was done with a tiny sample of data and utilized a greater amount of CBD than the majority of people consume on a daily basis.

There’s been little research on the precise consequences of mixing CBD with alcohol, but when you consider their mechanisms of action and the impact for our wellbeing, consuming these two substances together is not a good idea.

Can CBD Help with hangovers?

Alcoholic Drink Poured into a GlassBy considering the advantages of CBD numerous people believe that the cannabinoid can aid in reducing at least a few negative effects of alcoholsuch as hangovers.

While CBD oil isn’t able to help those suffering from acute alcohol-related intoxication or impaired motor abilities However, it can ease the effects of a hangover such as headaches, nausea as well as increased blood pressure and fatigue.

Its antioxidant as well as neuroprotective qualities of CBD are also an ideal choice for nursing hangovers. Everyone reacts differently each of CBD or alcohol. It’s possible to be beneficial for CBD products to alleviate some of the most grueling hangover-related ailments.

If you’re looking to experience the peace and relaxation offered by CBD it is possible to mix it with recipes for cocktails with alcohol-free alternatives, and enjoying an “virgin” version of your drinks with your friends.

CBD Oil for Alcohol Withdrawal

There is a possibility that CBD oil can help with hangover symptoms. But could it also aid in withdrawal from alcohol?

In addition, there’s very little research in this area however CBD might assist in reducing the possibility of withdrawal from alcohol by encouraging homeostasis as well as reducing other symptoms.

A study published in 2014 in the publication Free Radical Biology and Medicine concluded that CBD may reduce the liver toxicity that is caused by alcohol use in mice. The study revealed that CBD helped to prevent the development of fatty liver diseases (steatosis) due to excessive drinking 

In a 2016 study from The journal Neurotoxicity Research researchers found insufficient evidence to prove the advantages of CBD to treat withdrawal symptoms from alcohol however, they did note CBD’s affinity for CB2 receptors as a possibility of effectiveness in treating addiction to alcohol 

Based on the research of Dr. Melanie Bone, a medical cannabis specialist in Florida states that CBD can help reduce the negative effects that are caused by drinking problems. Through its positive impact on the body’s defense mechanism and by reducing cravings for alcohol, CBD may help addicts lessen the adverse effects of alcohol use.

These results are encouraging and, in a way, very encouraging. With the addition of more studies that examine how CBD affects CBD on the damage done from alcohol abuse, counselors might be able incorporate CBD oil as a viable alternative therapy for people seeking to overcome addiction to alcohol.

Always seek medical or counseling guidance before making a drastic change to your diet or trying to control your symptoms using CBD.

Taking CBD Before vs After Drinking Alcohol: Which Is Better?

Both have advantages.

As previously mentioned As mentioned earlier, drinking CBD following a drink can aid in reducing the severity of hangovers. It can also safeguard your body from alcohol-related damages, and enhance the regeneration process following a drink.

Taking CBD before drinking may reduce your blood alcohol levels. Amount of alcohol present in your blood is measured in the blood alcohol concentration (BAC). A higher BAC typically indicates an increase in impairment to cognitive and motor skills.

There isn’t much evidence to suggest of how CBD influences concentrations of blood alcohol. A study of 10 subjects revealed the 200 mg dose of CBD was significantly less effective in lowering the levels of alcohol in blood than when alcohol was consumed in conjunction with an placebo.

But this study done a long time back — in the 1970s however, it also employed an extremely high amount of CBD which was 10 times more than what people are taking in their daily routine. It’s unclear whether smaller dosages of CBD will have similar results.

Furthermore, numerous studies have yielded conflicting results, with no evidence of a any significant effect on the effects of CBD in blood alcohol levels.

Is CBD Safe for Recovering Alcoholics?

CBD is generally regarded as an uninvolved substance. Numerous health authorities like WHO. World Health Organization (WHO) have endorsed CBD being safe and well tolerated for humans. It has low risk of misuse and no serious adverse negative effects. Even dosages of 1500 mg per day haven’t led to dangerous adverse reactions.

In the meantime, studies have revealed some side effects that are that are attributed to the high doses of CBD oil:

  • Dry mouth
  • Sedation
  • Fatigue
  • Changes in appetite
  • Diarrhea

CBD is also recognized to interact with a variety of pharmaceutical ingredients in prescription and non-prescription medicines. If you are taking any medicine with a grapefruit warning likely to be in contact with CBD since both substances make use of the same enzymes for metabolizing within the liver. CBD alters the metabolism of drugs by increasing the amount of drug present in blood. This can, in turn, result in second-hand adverse consequences.

Always consult your doctor prior to purchasing CBD oil to aid in withdrawal from alcohol.

Does CBD Protect Cells Against Damage and Disease?

The abuse of alcohol can lead to damaged cells, which can increase the risk of inflammation and chronic illnesses like pancreatitis, liver disease, and certain kinds of cancer.

Numerous animal studies have revealed that CBD exhibits neuroprotective qualities which help to reduce the harm that is caused by binge drinking.

For instance, one study of rats concluded that topically CBD administration decreased damage to brain cells caused by excessive drinking by as much as 49 percent

In a different investigation, CBD administration to mice gave them more protection from alcohol-induced fatty liver disease . This is due to activating autophagy, which is which is a process that aids in cell renewal

One study has found a correlation between the consumption in cannabis that contains CBD to the risk of increased liver damage in mice. However, some mice studied in this study were forced fed massive amounts of CBD from the whole plant extract.

We’re not sure whether CBD can produce similar results in humans. the results of animal studies haven’t been replicated in human studies.

Final Thoughts on CBD and Alcohol

Small amounts of alcohol could enhance CBD’s effects. CBD which can cause sleepiness and sedation.

However the use of CBD in conjunction with alcohol is detrimental from a health standpoint because of the negative effects of alcohol consumption over a long period on the brain and body.

Certain animal and human studies have shown that CBD can shield cells from alcohol-induced damage and reduce blood alcohol levels as well as control withdrawal symptoms and addiction.

In the meantime, until further research is conducted It’s not clear if the use of CBD along with alcohol is secure (even in low dosages). At the moment, it’s best to take a step of prudent.

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