CBD Dosage for Dogs

CBD Dosage for Dogs: How Much is Too Much?

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August 17, 2023

It’s no surprise that dog breeds are among the most loved pets. They show us the most tender and loving care. Once they are integral part of us, they will not imagine life without them.

Pets can be affected by a variety of ailments in their lifetime, especially when they grow older. A lot of pet owners are reluctant to put their beloved pet through potentially dangerous surgeries or prescription medications that are addictive since there are alternative options such as CBD oils to choose from. How much CBD oil should you offer to your pet?

This article will cover the various types of CBD oil that you can offer your dog, the amount to give and what you should consider prior to applying CBD.

Things to Consider Before Giving CBD Oil to Your Dog

Cannabidiol (CBD) was proven to provide numerous advantages. People have utilized it to boost their health and to address various health issues. But what about our furry friends? With the increasing interest in CBD pets, pet owners are seeking out ways to use CBD on their dogs.

Dog owners face the dilemma of what amount of CBD oil they can give their pet. It’s not an easy task to answer as there’s not any research available on the subject as of yet.

There are a variety of CBD extracts for dogs, which is why it is important to decide the one that is suitable for your dog. Here are a few elements that determine the amount of CBD you’ll give your dog.

Product Type

CBD-based products designed for pets are available in various forms. You can offer your dog CBD oil in the form or two of CBD oil by placing it into the food they eat, applying it on their skin or even giving them treats.

Naturally, the most effective method of administering CBD oil to your pet is through the mouth of your pet. This means you can orally give them a dropper filled with the oil or place the oil into their food.

They can be very selective eaters. Even if they love the flavor of CBD oil but not every brand can be used. CBD treats for dogs are a good alternative since they are the form of a predetermined dose, and it’s easy to regulate the amount of CBD your pet consumes.

One disadvantage of CBD treats for dogs is that they’re typically slower to take effect as CBD oils due to the fact that cannabinoids must be processed within the digestive tract. Therefore, the effects take time and could take longer to begin to work as compared to CBD oil.

Your Dog’s Size

Dogs are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Some are huge similar to British Mastiff or Irish Wolfhounds and others are smaller like Chihuahuas or Pomeranians. The size of your pet is important when it comes to administering CBD oil.

The general rule is to give dogs with smaller sized bodies smaller doses and larger dogs are given a higher dosage. It can be challenging to measure accurately the pet’s weight or thickness for determining the appropriate dosage.

The following sections will provide details on dosage based on the weight of your dog’s size.

Overall Health of Your Dog

The condition of your dog is also a factor in determining the amount of CBD you should think about giving them. Before you give the pet CBD oil, it’s crucial to know what problem your pet is suffering from or had previously.

It’s always recommended to give small doses at first, then gradually increase them.

However, a smaller dose might not be sufficient to treat more severe issues. The more severe your dog’s health condition more dosage is needed to alleviate the symptoms.

However, the most effective method to determine whether your dog needs CBD oil is to consult your veterinarian or a professional who is well-versed in CBD for dogs.

CBD Dosage Guidelines for Dogs

It’s already hard to prescribe any type of pet medication, as is the case in the case of CBD. If you’re unsure about CBD dose for your dog, then you’re certainly not all alone.

For those trying to administer CBD for their pet, it’s important to know this CBD dose guidelines specifically for pets differ than those for humans. While the latter require an increased dose of CBD however, the former requires a small amount CBD.

The most popular method of giving CBD to animals is through oral administration but other options like sublingual administration or application on the skin can also be employed.

If you are taking supplements with CBD to maintain general health, or for relieving discomforts, the dosage may differ based on the kind of product. The suggested CBD dose for pets is approximately two to four drops consumed two to four times a day..

You may also alter the dose according to the size and health of your dog, as described in the previous sections.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog? (By Weight)

Every dog is unique and their size can determine the amount of CBD oil they are able to consume in one go. One method of determining the proper dosage is to take into consideration the weight of your dog.

Small Dogs (2-15 pounds)

The smallest dogs need the lowest amount of CBD However, as they have a fast metabolism, they require it more often.

Small dogs must give 3 to 4 doses a day instead of 1 or 2 doses for larger breeds.

If your dog is suffering from discomfort If your dog is suffering from pain, the CBD dosage of 1 mg could suffice for the initial few days, since it is the recommended start dosage.

A dosage of CBD oil of 0.5 mg is usually suggested for issues with behavior. If your dog’s behavior isn’t improving over the next 3 to 5 days, you might need to increase the dose gradually.

For CBD to be effective, CBD effectiveness to take effect, canines must begin using it two times a every day as part of their daily routine. When it comes time to increase the dosage, take it each time 2 milligrams until the dog feels better. Small dogs should not take over 15 mg CBD per day.

Note that these are just general estimates that aren’t medically or veterinarian-endorsed, so they shouldn’t be taken as medical advice.

Medium-Small Dogs (15-30 pounds)

For medium-sized dogs, they generally find that a dose of 2 mg is sufficient, and then they can increase the dosage to 3 mg, until symptoms diminish. It has been proven that CBD at 1 mg is suitable for dogs suffering from issues with their mental health and a lack of appetite.

If you want to help your dog deal with stress, it’s advised to increase dose to not exceed 2 mg. Keep in mind that not over two dosages must be administered daily.

Medium-small dogs should be given CBD’s maximum dose is not to exceed 20 mg per day..

Medium-Large Dogs (30-60 pounds)

We have mentioned that larger dogs require greater CBD levels than small dogs in order to experience these desired benefits.

Is there a suitable first CBD amount for pets that have general discomfort?

Depending on the severity The CBD dosage of 1-3 mg is a good start. You can increase it by 3 mg in case you’re not getting any positive results.

Psychological disorders should be treated with a daily dose that is 1 mg per daily. This is the same for problems with behavior such as the inability to focus.

Monitor your dog’s behavior in order to determine whether CBD is effective. You can increase the dosage by not greater than 2 mg if there isn’t any noticeable change.

Medium-sized dogs should be given the CBD dosage maximum is not to exceed 30 mg per day..

Large dogs (60-150 kg)

In general, the guidelines for medium-large dogs as well as large dogs are typically similar.

When your dog’s large (over 150 pounds) The dosage could be higher than the average. Be careful not to overdo CBD administration. To be safe, gradually increase the dosage to three mg till the results become visible.

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