The Top 5 Benefits of CBD Water and Infused Drinks

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July 5, 2022

Most CBD cbd water on the market is oil-based, and this means that they’re only soluble in fatty substances. While this is great if the extract is used in fat-heavy snacks or skincare products, if oil-based CBD is consumed via other methods, it can severely lower the amount of cannabinoids that can enter your system — leaving the consumer receiving fewer benefits than they expect.


This is where the water-soluble Cannabinoids, or CBD Infused Drinks or Water, truly have an advantage – its ability to maximize the efficiency of cannabinoid consumption. Water-soluble CBD can diffuse into any water with much more ease than Oil Soluble CBD. It’s created through a process called nano emulsification, where the cannabinoids are broken down into nano-sizes before being distilled back into a liquid. This makes it much easier for the particles to travel into the bloodstream. As a result, this allows water-based CBD products to be more effective.

So, now you understand the basics, here are the top five reasons you should consider switching to water-soluble CBD.



Bioavailability refers to how much of the product will reach the users’ systemic circulation. It’s a strong indicator of how effective a substance will be, when attempting to deliver particular benefits. Most traditional methods and oil-based formulas only have around 5-10% bioavailability.

Water-soluble CBD products are known to be up to five times more bioavailable. This means there is a five-fold increase in CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes entering the users system. To put this into perspective, as much as 90% of a water-soluble substance is bioavailable. This means a much higher percentage of CBD, cannabinoids and terpenes can enter the system and take effect, and achieve the desired result.

Faster Absorption


A major advantage of water-soluble CBD  Drinks is that they are absorbed into the system much faster than oil-based forms. CBD oil can take a relatively long time to be broken up and absorbed into the bloodstream because it needs to be digested. Water-based cannabinoids don’t need to take this traditional route down the gut because they are able to dissolve directly into the mouth, stomach and small intestine. This means that they’re able to take effect in around five minutes, compared to the 30 to 90 minutes it may take for CBD oil to kick in.

Water Soluble CBD works better in Edibles

When CBD oil is infused into edibles, the compound is often subject to the ‘first-pass effect’. Much of the compound’s benefits are diminished before it even enters the circulatory system because much of its journey through the digestive tract. Unless the edible has a very high-fat content, the food containing CBD oil isn’t the most effective way to reap the benefits of the compound. When you infuse edibles with water-soluble cannabinoids, you don’t encounter this problem.

Since water-soluble products are dispersed into the bloodstream much faster, there is a smaller chance of the CBD being eliminated through the digestion process, and a greater efficiency of absorption.

It mixes better in Drinks – Carbonated Drinks can be Infused

CBD oil disperses into most liquid drinks poorly unless they are very high in fats. When water-soluble cannabinoids are added to a drink, they dissolve in seconds, eliminating the need to shake or stir the drink heavily. Not only does this increase the bioavailability of the method, but it also means that carbonated drinks can be infused, opening up new exciting opportunities for CBD drinkables.


It tastes less like Hemp

CBD Oil generally has a  herbal, grassy aroma, which some may like, but not so much. If the consumer isn’t especially keen on that hempy taste, water-soluble products may be a more palatable and suitable choice. Instead of dropping the product under the tongue and waiting for up to a minute for it to absorb, it can added or mixed into any drink of choice, enabling the ability to mask the hemp flavor much more easily. And, the rapid speed of absorption means it won’t linger on the taste palette as long.

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