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Things You Need To Know About THCV Gummies

The Hemp Facts
August 17, 2023

If you’re looking to get high, but want to avoid the harmful effects of smoking weed, there are some interesting legal highs that can deliver a potent high without the smoke. One of the best methods for getting high is with THCV gummies. These delicious treats get you high and make your mind feel great — without making you cough or have to deal with smoke!

1. THCV gummies are a great way to get high without the harmful effects of smoking weed

THCV, or tetrahydrocannabivarin, is a non psychoactive component of cannabis. It has been researched and shown to have many health benefits including weight loss, increased energy, and reduced risk of diabetes. New York based edibles maker, Foria, has launched THCV gummies. These edible goodies come in two flavors: hemp and strawberry.

What exactly does THCV look like in your gummy? Let’s take a look into the science behind this + how much you need to indulge.


THCV is a naturally occurring, potent cannabis ingredient that you’ll find in hemp and strawberry flavored gummies as well as edibles. A byproduct of hemp, it’s said to have an 8-10% THC content, along with a host of health benefits including increased energy, reduced pain, improved lung function and decreased nausea. Before eating any THCV concentrate, please speak with your healthcare professional to ensure proper dosing.


The amount of THCV you absorb in your body will depend on the type of THCV concentrate you eat. According to guidance provided by Foria, majority of the THCV in any edible is absorbed through the nasal passages and small intestine, generally staying within the digestive system for no longer than 4 hours.

However, when choosing an edible that contains more than 3.5% THCV, you’ll want to speak with your healthcare professional and determine how much will affect your body. While 0.5% typically isn’t enough to cause any effects to your body, consuming more than 6.5% can cause vomiting, increased anxiety, tremors, shallow breathing, blurred vision and lowered blood pressure. If that’s you, consult with your doctor first to be safe, and also go slow and steady with this.


Each pack of THCV gummies comes individually packaged in a resealable bag with a bit of natural sweetness. They are then dissolved in 25–30 drops of liquid that comes in a dropper-like jar. They come in vastly different dosages: 3.5% is more potent, 1.

2. THCV gummies make you feel good without making you cough

ICAL is a new product that is readily available and has gotten a lot of buzz. Also pair well with a trendy flavor (one tester told us it reminded him of his Pop Rocks). THCV (aka THC-Angelo) chokes down on a group of herbs that are combined in a powdered form. Instead of popping a highly potent, smokables form of marijuana, this delivers a more relaxed, smokables viable option.

3. THCV gummies make your mind feel good while keeping your body in good shape

THCV gummies are a great way to enjoy the benefits of THCV without the psychoactive effects of THC. The effects of THCV are not as well-researched as those of THC, but we do know that it’s a powerful antioxidant. Not all gummies are created equal. Many make the mistake of containing 150 milligrams of THCV per dosage. Which is higher than a lot of popular recreational drugs like ketamine.

If your local grocery store hasn’t had a sales rep busting out the newest. Super high vapes yet, take a journey through the strawberry shortcake aisle. These gummies should only be purchased in limited quantities to avoid competition from rival bakers and limit the amount of waste. If it’s convenient or socially acceptable to consume them, try deficit breath. Simply dissolving the THCV in a spoonful of syrup and drinking it. As you inhale, the THCV continues to dissociate to produce the high you’re tasting.

Even under the influence of THCV, gummies can be enjoyed without being gummy. Try a tiny amount in water for a tasty, low-cal sugar hit. The best part about this sweet remedy is that you can enjoy it right on food. THCV gummy gummies can be ingested as a natural source of sugar to keep energy levels high and prevent mid-workout crashes.

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