Hemp Seeds for Planting

Hemp Seeds for Planting

The Hemp Facts
August 17, 2023


Hemp is making a comeback that is well-deserved and I’m glad! One of my most loved food items made from plants Hemp has finally cleared the mystery of any connection to its relative marijuana. Although both are part of the cannabis plant family, they’re very distinct. The hemp plant has a low amount of cannabinoid (the substance that makes marijuana plants potent) This means that hemp seeds don’t induce a high and are totally secure. Actually, hemp seeds have gained a lot of attention and are now available at health stores and even in mainstream markets across the nation including Trader Joe’s. Why wouldn’t they? They’re delicious they’re a staple in any meal, and extremely healthy!

It’s even better: the hemp plant can also be utilized for everything from footwear and clothing to insulation and paper. It was predominantly used for insulation, it is now grown in Canada. This highly sustainable crop, which requires less fertilizer, water and pesticides than typical crops was granted permission to be cultivated within the U.S. in 2019. This is a good thing for everyone who has this tiny seed which is very healthy for both us and the environment.


Hemp seeds boast a remarkable amount of nutrients: 10 grams protein, and 10 grams omega-3 as well as omega-6 fats in an one ounce (about three teaspoons) and fibre (3 grams) as well as iron (20 percent DV) as well as the mineral thiamin (25 percent DV) and magnesium (45 percent DV) as well as zinc (20 percent DV) as well as manganese (110 percent DV) as well as other phytonutrients. Although research into the health benefits of hemp is only beginning however, there’s plenty to appreciate about the seeds. The variety hemp seeds make it easy to incorporate nutrients into nearly every meal and can be eaten raw or cooked. They can also be baked, baked, or even roasted!

Top 5 Ways to Use Hemp Seeds

1. Sprinkle them on everything They have a nutty flavor! amazing nutritional profile, and easy to use make them perfect toppings for cereals, chia seeds pudding, yogurt made from plant sources salads, casseroles and salads. They also make great toppings for avocado toast, casseroles, trail mix, grain bowls and more. Hemp seeds not only work well with nearly every meal however, they also offer another source of fiber, protein, and omega-3s!

2. Bake with them. Hemp seeds are fabulous added to the breads (banana bread is delicious! ) and cookies, bars or fruit cobblers. Also, they can be made into vegan, guilt-free muffins that are made from real vegetables like the chocolate zucchini muffins as well as zucchini spice muffins. Yum!


3. Mix Hemp Seeds into smoothies. Add proteins and healthy fats in your next veggie or fruit smoothie by adding a teaspoon of hemp seed. It’s an excellent energy booster to start your day or for any time you need a boost to keep your body full!

4. Make it a seasoning! you’re looking for tasty, savory food Don’t overlook the delicious flavor of hemp seeds mixed into veggie burgers and veggie meatballs, casseroles, and even breadcrumbs as toppings. To achieve the perfect texture for burgers made from plant-based ingredients and meatballs, I would highly suggest mixing hemp seeds using a processor along with some seasonings, seeds as well as nuts and spices of preferences. Include any other vegetables and protein from plants–bell peppers mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes onions, beans, parsley, cilantro and many more — to the hemp seed mixture for an extremely nutritious and nutritionally dense mix. Hemp Seeds for Planting.

5. Spread it on (Thick )! Hemp seed butter is a delicious and nutritious (and green literally!) spread for your next obsession–sandwiches, toast, pitas, and more. The rich and hearty flavor might be the new “avocado toast,” for real! Serve it with different fresh vegetables from the garden for a delicious dish, or add naturally sweet fruits to make a delicious and protein-rich, nutritious snack. Hemp Seeds for Planting.

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