hemp seeds vs chia seeds

Hemp seeds and Chia seeds: Which Is Better?

The Hemp Facts
August 17, 2023


Many people ask us hemp seeds vs chia seeds to include various seeds in our diets, including chia and flax. The seeds are extremely nutritious. They are high in fibres, which can help to prevent various health conditions and diseases. Nmami Agarwal, a nutritionist, has shared the health benefits and qualities that hemp and chia seed have on Instagram. The caption reads, “Hemp contains the highest amount of protein and zinc. Flax has the highest ALA content and the best ratio between omega-6 and omega-3. The highest levels of calcium and fibre are found in chia seeds.”

These are some facts about hemp seeds and Chia seeds.


1) Hemp seeds are high-protein

2) They are high in healthy fats

3) They provide a complete source for essential amino acids

4) Hemp seeds are a good source of iron, zinc, and magnesium.


1) Chia seeds are rich in fibres

2) They are high in omega 3’s and have a lot of healthy oils.

3) They are complete source of essential amino acid

4) Chia seeds are better sources for phosphorus, calcium, and manganese

Can you substitute Chia seeds for hemp seeds?

You can use chia seeds instead of hemp seeds in some recipes. You will lose the nutty flavor if you use chia seeds instead of hemp. If you want to retain the nutty taste, consider adding nut powder. If you aren’t afraid of adding a nutty taste to your recipe, hemp can be used instead of chia.

Both powdered hemp seed and chia seeds make excellent toppings for salads. Sprinkle some on your salad to add a pleasant crunch.

When should you use Chia seeds?

Although you can use hemp and chia seeds interchangeably, chia seeds are great for thick smoothies, smoothies, puddings, or custardy desserts. Chia seeds can also be used in your breakfast cereals or bread. Chia seeds are also used in energy bars.

the Chia is used to replace eggs in baking because of its gelling properties.

Chia pudding can be made in a matter of minutes. Use the simple recipe below to make chia pudding.

Prepare your choice of milk: full cream, soy milk or almond milk. ).

Take 2 to 3 tablespoons of chia seed

Make your sweetener choice (agave, honey, etc.). You can use as much or as little as you like.

Prepare your fruit of choice (strawberries or berries, apples, etc.).

Mix all the ingredients together in a sealed container. Your pudding jar should be kept in the refrigerator for at least one hour. Follow the 3 tbs rule. For every cup of liquid, add 1 cup of chia. If your pudding doesn’t thicken within 30 minutes, add more chia seeds.

Serve your pudding with fruit and enjoy!

For the best taste, eat your pudding within 3 to 5-days.

When should you use hemp seeds?

Hemp seeds are 30% oil. You can purchase them bottled to use in cooking, or as a dressing and dip for salads. Hemp seeds are also known as hemp hearts and can be used in smoothies and salads. You can also use hemp seed milk to replace dairy milk.

Hemp seed dips can be made quickly. Make it with the following recipe:

In the a food processor, pulse the following: 1/2 cup of hemp seeds; 1/2 cup water; some olive oil; lemon juice from one small lemon; garlic (if necessary); salt and pepper. Next, add the herbs and pulse for a few seconds. If you need to thin out the dip, add more oil or water. Serve chilled. hemp seeds vs chia seeds

How do you store Chia and Hemp Seeds.

Opened chia and hemp seed packets should be kept in sealed containers or mason bottles. For a longer shelf-life, keep them in the fridge. Keep your chia pudding or chia drink in a cooler bag so they are always fresh. hemp seeds vs chia seeds

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