Marijuana in Sports Statistics

Marijuana in Sports Statistics: Perceptions of Marijuana Use Among Athletes

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August 17, 2023

A Cannabis-related Conundrum in the World of Sports

Marijuana and sports , two concepts that many think are in opposition are actually linked in different ways than we imagine. Apart from recreational use some athletes also depend on marijuana to recover regardless of whether psychological or physical. When a poll of 1,000 fans of sports was conducted majority of them agreed on the importance of marijuana in sport, however it is true that there are a variety of opinions these lines.

We’ve asked the respondents what kind of conditions must be met to feel at ease with the use of marijuana by athletes. A few of them outlined the requirements and others were against it without question. There’s a gap between athletes and the majority of the general populace in regards to the connection between marijuana and sports. Let’s examine both perspectives.

Marijuana If you’re a Nay or Yay, which is it?

The old question is: should marijuana be permitted in professional sports? According to those who responded, 54.2% were fully in agreement with the use of marijuana by athletes and 17.5 percent were completely opposed. About a third of people we interviewed believed that marijuana should be permitted to be used by athletes, however, it must be under certain restrictions.

In the leagues listed The distribution of the leagues was similar to the overall question. A slight margin was found that MMA has the largest percentage of fans who were in agreement with athletes’ use of marijuana, while United States Tennis Association (USTA) fans who are ardent supporters were mainly willing to accept it if certain conditions were met. The USTA was also home to the largest number of users who have personally drank marijuana. PGA and LPGA supporters were the most opposed to marijuana use by athletes.

The study found that only 22.8 percent of marijuana users believed that athletes. Should be tested for the drug. However 32.7 percent of those who did not use marijuana were in favor of the testing. Every professional league has its own policy regarding marijuana testing and the consequences. While there’s no punishment for positive marijuana tests in the NHL. In the NHL or MLB. MLB eliminated marijuana off its prohibited substances list (although players remain in danger of discipline. If they’re found to be carrying it) The NFL has eased restrictions and the NBA continues to enforce penalties for positive marijuana tests.

Certain Conditions apply

The most popular factor that could make people feel comfortable use of marijuana was using it to alleviate discomfort. Over 60% the respondents were also comfortable smoking marijuana within the private space of their home for stress relief as well as anxiety. They also used it aid in sleeping. A small percentage (8.5 percent) believe that, there is no reason why it was a bad idea to drink it.

More than half of the respondents were against the use of marijuana in sports. Because they worried about players playing intoxicated and only a small fraction were of them believed. That they’d set the wrong example for their children or worried that it could adversely affect their performance.

Incredibly, 60% of respondents were not in favor of using marijuana for athletes when it kept their level of performance, and 53.2 percent felt the exact as when it increased their level of performance. Although both negative and positive consequences of using marijuana have been proven, advantages for athletes could include decreasing pain and soreness as well as improving sleep and decreasing anxiety. Many believe that these benefits are not legitimate.

Stigma Stigma

In assessing the superstars of various sports leagues. More than half of the respondents would not change their opinion of their performance. If they had been using marijuana. While the remainder were fairly evenly divided between positive or negative opinions based on the situation.

Many athletes are trying to change the stigma surrounding marijuana. And the former NFL player Ricky Williams has played a crucial role in this. He was well-known for using marijuana during his time in the NFL and had to endure numerous suspensions prior to retiring permanently. Williams immediately started his own marijuana business selling top-quality herbal remedies to customers all over the globe. Based on our research, Tom Brady and LeBron James could likely receive the most ire from fans if they became open about their marijuana use.


In particular, with regard to CBD, 67.1% of people surveyed believed that CBD should be fully permitted in professional sports. In addition, approximately a third people surveyed believed that CBD is acceptable provided certain requirements for its usage were fulfilled. Only 11.8 percent of respondents believed that athletes had no use for CBD in any way.

Similar to marijuana usage, MMA enthusiasts were the most enthusiastic about CBD being allowed for consumption. In contrast, USTA supporters were the least likely to think it is a good idea, yet they also used CBD the mostwhen compared to the other leagues’ supporters.

The most popular applications for CBD usage, as per people who took part in the survey.  Were similar to those used as those for marijuana use to ease pain. Reduce anxiety or stress, home use, and for helping to sleep. They are the Diaz brothers (Nate and Nick) are a couple who both have experienced success through their respective fights in the UFC and are known to be THC-friendly have launched their own business known as Game Up Nutrition, selling high-end CBD products to the public.

the Future of Cannabis in Sports

We have discovered there are many who favor marijuana use in professional sports leagues. However some prefer specific conditions to be met to be able to support the idea. Marijuana as well as CBD products aid many athletes get the rest they require. Some athletes, like Ricky Williams and the Diaz brothers. Are working to end the stigma surrounding the use of these products.

As cannabis is more widely accepted in society and is accepted by the general public, athletes will be able consume, without repercussion, the substances they believe they require to keep in top shape. As athletes receive the most advanced medical science and sports medicine and will likely choose only the highest quality CBD and marijuana-based products to help with their pain and recovery requirements.

Protocol and limitations

We surveyed 1,000 sports fans. 58% of those who responded were males, while 42% were female. The age range of respondents was from 23-62 years old, with an average of 37.

For questions that were short and open-ended the outliers were eliminated. To ensure that everyone considered our survey as serious the respondents were required to correctly respond to an attention-checking question.

They are based on the self-reports of respondents and are merely exploratory. Problems with self-reported responses can include, but don’t be limited to examples: exaggeration and the selective use of memory attributing and bias. All data are dependent on estimates

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