What Is Nano CBD Oil?

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July 24, 2022

What Is Nano CBD?

It’s a well-known nano cbd fact that oil and water don’t mix. Seeing that the adult human body is made up of 60% water, CBD oil has a bit of difficulty absorbing into the bloodstream. This is something that decreases the bioavailability of most CBD products that are available on the market.


What exactly is bioavailability? And what does it have to do with taking CBD oil?


Bioavailability is defined as “the proportion of a drug or other substance which enters the circulation when introduced to the body and so is able to have an active effect.”

How Is Nano CBD Produced?

It all starts with nanotechnology, a field of research and innovation concerned with “building things” on the scale of atoms and molecules. When it comes to CBD, nanotechnology involves breaking up CBD clusters into micro-sized particles.

To date, nanotechnology is the best way of creating small CBD particles. Using this proprietary technology, CBD can be broken down into droplets that are 10-100 nanometers in size. At Joy Organics, the nanoemulsion technology used in our process to create our CBD softgels breaks down the particles to 25-60 nanometers.


Okay, but just how big (or small) is a nanometer? A nanometer is one-billionth of a meter. To put things into perspective, the diameter of the average human hair is 80,000 nanometers. A nanometer is so small, it’s almost incomprehensible.


Once it’s broken down into these microscopic particles, it becomes more compatible with the body because it’s now at a size that allows for it to be absorbed by the body more easily.


Seeing that some experts say nano CBD will completely revolutionize the CBD market, it’s bound to come with a few benefits.


The Benefits of Nano or Water Soluble CBD

It Offers Increased Bioavailability — By far, one of the biggest benefits of nano CBD is that it offers increased bioavailability. The nanoemulsion process we use, for example, makes our nanoemulsion formulas more bioavailable than oil-based products. So, what exactly does this mean for you? You can take less to achieve the same results. Less really is more. This is because more CBD is making its way into your system, which means less of the product is wasted, which can ultimately decrease the frequency that you purchase CBD.

It Can Be Mixed Easily into Beverages — Something that adds to the excitement of nano CBD is that it can be easily mixed into any beverage. Want to take your CBD on the go with your to-go cup of coffee? Easy breezy. Just add your desired serving size of nano or water soluble CBD oil to however you do coffee and you’re good to go. Nano CBD may also mix well into water and can make an awesome addition to your regular workout routine. Just add however much nano CBD you want to your water bottle or sports drink, put it in your gym bag, and enjoy it pre or post workout.

It Works More Rapidly Than Other Forms of CBD — Because of the increased bioavailability of nano or water soluble CBD, it works more rapidly than other CBD products. But how exactly does this work? When taken orally, CBD oil must first pass through the digestive tract and liver before making its way into the bloodstream. Known as the first pass effect, this dramatically decreases how much CBD you actually “get.” While this in itself is enough to slow down how quickly you feel the effects of non-nano CBD, because it doesn’t mix well with water, it simply has a longer onset time.

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