Puffco Peak Vaporizer Review

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September 1, 2023

Even if you’re not an avid stoner, Puffco may have already caught your attention. Since their founding in 2013, they have introduced numerous innovations into the concentrate consumption space.

Puffco has made dabbing less intimidating for all by developing innovative pens and pioneering eRigs, with their latest product the Peak Pro being an all-in-one portable concentrate device that comes backed with a two year warranty.

Easy to use

Cannabis concentrates can be difficult to vaporize. From crumbles and sticky honey oils, to sticky rosins and even tar-like rosins, consuming them requires convoluted heating implements such as rigs, nails, e-rings or other accessories – yet this revolutionary device from Puffco Peak drastically streamlines dabbing with no additional need for accessories such as these rigs, nails or rings!

This Peak Pro Vaporizer features an intuitive design ideal for beginners as well as advanced users, featuring four user temperature settings with haptic feedback to provide users with maximum customization of their experience. Portable yet discreet appearance make this portable vaping option great for vaping on the go, and its discreet appearance make it convenient. With four unique temperature settings and haptic feedback feedback mechanisms you can personalize it to your needs for vaping on the go.

Puffco’s latest offering stands out with its portability and ease of use. It has a sleek, compact design that fits comfortably in your hand and works either with or without an attached glass water bubbler attachment; battery life typically lasts 30 Sesh Mode cycles before needing recharged.


The Peak Pro comes equipped with a lightweight foam travel case designed to protect and store all necessary tools while traveling, such as two disposable dual-tools that combine a loading tool with cotton swabs. Its highly efficient operation works well with all kinds of concentrates; try new varieties or stick with what works for you; just remember to keep the pen upright during inhaling to take slow, even draws from it.

Puffco has long been recognized for lowering the barrier to entry for concentrate enthusiasts, and this latest innovation appears to continue that tradition. The Proxy base’s ease of use has inspired glassblowers to craft custom rigs and accessories specifically tailored for this base.

Easy to clean

Puffco is one of the easiest-to-clean concentrate vaporizers on the market, with an emphasis on keeping its chamber clean – this part comes into contact with most concentrates – clean regularly to avoid residue build-up that compromises dabbing experience and may result in inferior dabbing experience. Use cotton swabs soaked with ISO alcohol to wipe away residue or soak overnight for deeper cleaning of chamber.

Make sure that you clean the gold connection pins on the underside of both your battery and chamber, including its chamber. These areas connect your atomizer to its battery, so any dirt can interfere with its functionality and cause issues for your vaporizer. Use a Q-tip or cotton swab dipped into ISO alcohol to thoroughly wipe these areas clean.

Puffco makes cleaning simple with its mouthpiece, which comes into direct contact with both concentrates and your lips. Simply use a cotton swab soaked with ISO alcohol or soak it for several minutes for more stubborn residue removal.


Finally, the Puffco base must also be regularly maintained. ISO alcohol can be used to clean gold connection points and chamber interior. Wipe down entire area, including atomizer connector, before reassembling Puffco.

Cleaning the Puffco Peak Pro is easy and requires just a few supplies. Start by collecting these tools: non-abrasive cloth, non-scratch sponge, cotton swabs and baking soda water solution are essential ingredients for the task ahead. Adding a few drops of dishwashing liquid for extra cleaning power may be add; be wary though as undilute drops could potentially damage ceramic bowl.

Easy to carry

Puffco vaporizers are designed to be portable and easy to maintain, featuring innovative features like their large marvel ceramic coil-less chamber which is easy to maintain while preserving all of your concentrate’s flavors and aromas. Their sloped airflow design also lets you experience dense clouds of flavorful clouds! Puffco has everything a newcomer or experienced concentrate enthusiast might need to start vaping today.

Peak e-rig and Plus dab pen from this company are their star products, featuring smooth contours that fit snugly in your hand and sleek and portable designs to be discreet and convenient to use discreetly and comfortably. Available in an array of eye-catching colors.

Puffco offers comprehensive information and customer support on its website, providing an expansive knowledge base and FAQ section as well as contact details for customer care representatives who are ready to provide answers and assist customers in getting the most from their purchase.


Puffco products come with an added warranty that provides peace of mind to those concerned about replacement part costs. This warranty covers repair or replacement expenses for two years from purchase, and should you not be satisfy with it, return it within 30 days for a full refund or exchange it.

Maintenance is of utmost importance in any device, and the Puffco Plus vaporizer features an efficient ceramic chamber that heats quickly and uniformly, making it simple to keep clean and maintain.

Puffco has created another revolutionary innovation in marijuana consumption technology with their Proxy device, providing users with a simple yet intuitive user interface and selection of accessories to tailor their experience. Furthermore, its modular base makes reloading and cleaning quick and effortless.

Easy to maintain

The Puffco Peak dab rig is an intuitive, powerful dab rig with many benefits for casual and serious users alike. Its fluted internal funnel and external intake tubes deliver smoother hits than any other dab rig available today, making it the ideal choice for both casual and serious users alike. Durable and lightweight design makes it portable while its innovative features allow easy upgrades and maintenance.

Are You an Avid Puffco User? Maintain its condition to maximize the experience. Routine maintenance can prevent clogged or damaged atomizers, and enhance flavor profiles of vaporized tobacco products. For optimal performance, always clean after each use to prolong its life span and ensure maximum satisfaction from its performance.

To thoroughly clean an atomizer, it should first be unattached from its base and rinse in warm water before being used a cotton swab dip in isopropyl alcohol to clean its gold connection points and chamber interior. Allow your atomizer to dry before reattaching it back onto its base.

Puffco Peak requires regular maintenance to remain functional. One important part of this is cleaning its airflow holes on its base device to remove any residue or grime so you can draw in your vapor easily. Also make sure that they line up with those found at the top of its glass part.

Puffco stands by their quality products with upgrades and replacement parts available for their devices; you can keep your Puffco Peak smart dab rig looking like new even after years of use!

Puffco Peak Recycler Glass by Ryan Fitt is one of the most sought-after upgrades for any Peak user, designed by him as an elegant accessory that improves flow while preventing clogs. Plus, its unique shape lets you see your vapor before inhaling!

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