The Truth About Rick Simpson oil RSO

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August 17, 2023

Rick Simpson oil is extracted from the marijuana plant cannabis. Some researchers believe that the chemicals present in it can treat cancer, but that isn’t approved yet. Rick Simpson’s oil was created by a Canadian engineer Simpson, a great cannabis activist. He explained how marijuana had helped him reduce his dizziness, and he believed that it could treat cancers, but nothing has been proved yet.

Rick Simpson oil is high in THC, and THC can make you feel high all the time. Therefore, medical researchers are not in favor of using Rick Simpson oil for treating chronic cancer forms.

What is rick Simpson oil?

Rick Simpson oil is made out of washed-off buds of the cannabis plants. The solvent commonly used for cleaning off the buds is pure light naphtha. After washing away the buds, the solvent is boiled at the boiling temperature, and in the end, oil is the final product extracted. Though rick oil is high in THC, some countries have made it legal to opt for marijuana. The Owner Rick Simpson does not sell the product; rather, he has explained the complete recipe. The interested folks can use the recipe to create rick Simpson oil.

This article will discuss some facts related to Rick Simpson’s oil and why many people are not huge fans of it. However, Rick himself wants everyone to believe that it can be used for treating cancer, but medical researchers are not in approval of it. They believe that it is dangerous to use the oil and its fabrication is a very risky process for both the experienced and the non-experienced one. Let’s take a look.

RSO is illegal and dangerous to use

Yes, that’s right! RSO is illegal because the plant marijuana is not allowed to be used in many states. After all, it poses many dangerous effects of addiction. It is also believed that the solvent commonly used the pure light naphtha, for its creation is extremely dangerous if it is not properly evaporated. The whole procedure involved in creating RSO is very risky, and experts do not approve the folks to try this in unauthorized areas.

RSO was initially tried over BASAL cell carcinoma 

Cancer is a potentially dangerous disease that can spread and invade other parts of the body much faster if left untreated. The cancer cells in the body can rapidly multiply and start spreading to all the organs, and can quickly endanger other areas. Out of all the cancers, it is stated that basal cell carcinoma is highly treatable because it is curable and pretty non-invasive, unlike other types. After creating the oil, Rick himself applied it over its basal cell carcinoma and claimed that it was easily treated, and he is doing great now, but experts are not sure about his theory. They feel that RSO cannot treat all cancers.

RSO has no standardized strength or concentration 

Though the formulators of RSO states that one gram of it daily is highly beneficial in treating cancer, but the main problem is that RSO is not made with a single component of marijuana, and we are never sure how much amount of THC is present in it; therefore, we cannot be so sure that one gram of RSO daily is effective and safe in treating cancer. THC is highly dangerous for the body, and the standard amount of RHC considered safe is only 0.3%. And when it comes towards RSO, we are never sure how much dilution is present in it.

RSO is not practical for most people 

As stated above, we are never sure about the strength of THC present in RSO; hence one gram of it is not suitable for elderly or somewhat developed people. Also, it is not practical for families or workers to use RSO because otherwise, it will keep them sedated for the rest of the day, and people who go to a job every day cannot afford to stay sedated all day long. Therefore, it is not for practical people to use one gram daily.

It has no CBD 

Next important thing to know I that RSO is deprived of CBD. Though CBD is FDA approved and experts often recommend using CBD because it has anti-inflammatory effects and can boost the entire immune system. RSO does not have CBD. The components of cannabis present in it have a high amount of THC. If a small extract of CBD was found in RSO, then it would have the chance to be therapeutically approved and recognized, and people could use it eventually to treat cancer and boost up their health.

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