Verilife: The Evolution Of Pharmacann’s Dispensary Brand

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August 21, 2023

PharmaCann, a major participant in the cannabis sector relocating its dispensary from Schaumburg to Arlington Heights, was a strategic move. The corporation did more than simply relocate; it also introduced a new name and logo: Verilife. The company’s commitment to learning from the ever-changing medical markets in the East is reflected in the opening of its flagship location. Verilife caters to a wide spectrum of people to ensure it meets the needs of patients and policymakers in the area. Verilife, from the Latin veri, “truth,” aspires to embrace the true potential of cannabis in an honest and open way.

Dispensaries owned and operated by PharmaCann Inc. are known as Verilife. PharmaCann Inc. is one of the biggest privately owned, vertically integrated cannabis firms in the United States, serving the needs of the medicinal and adult-use markets with products that are consistently high in quality, safety, and reliability. PharmaCann has a presence in six states.

Verilife’s Mission

Is to improve people’s quality of life by changing their minds about cannabis and helping them see its medicinal potential.


In late June, Verilife embarked on its adventure with the opening of its first shop, which caused quite a stir. CEO Teddy Scott said that the dispensary’s glass walls and open layout help patients see medicinal marijuana as a viable treatment choice. But the opening of this dispensary is merely the first step in PharmaCann’s larger rebranding effort. The business has ambitions to open a second store in Maryland by the end of the summer and has just received a retail license in Ohio’s competitive medical market. PharmaCann’s current PharmaCannis-branded dispensaries will gradually migrate to the more modern style when leases expire and new possibilities present themselves.


Global Expansion

Rebranding PharmaCann for the retail market is an achievement to the company’s thoughtfulness in light of the remarkable speed with which the cannabis sector is evolving. Instead of trying to read tea leaves or anticipate the future, the team concentrated on learning about the specific needs and priorities of the Eastern states’ medicinal cannabis markets. Regulations in the Eastern U.S. medical markets are more severe than in the West’s historical markets and are constantly being updated to meet patients’ changing demands. PharmaCann and similar businesses are setting themselves up to interact with patients and provide cannabis products that tackle problems like the opioid addiction epidemic that has hit several states in the East.

Renaissance in the East

When Illinois passed its medical marijuana legislation in 2013, it ushered in a cannabis boom throughout the Eastern United States. Unfortunately, the market was in its infancy, and its potential clientele was yet unknown. Now, some years later, these markets have developed into substantial, mature ones. More and more states are beginning to see the connection between the opioid crisis and the possibilities presented by medicinal cannabis, as seen by laws like Illinois’ SB 336. Politicians and stakeholders have been more receptive to the medical cannabis sector as a result of the programs’ proven efficacy and widespread acceptance.

Addressing Diverse Patient Needs

PharmaCann is building on the foundation laid in Illinois as it extends the brand to target the sophisticated, emerging medical markets of the East. The business has made great strides in its capacity to acquire acceptable real estate as a result of its increased familiarity with the dynamics of the cannabis space procurement market. PharmaCann also has a better understanding of the demands of patients in the modern healthcare system.

One-On-One Consultations

Verilife shops provide one-on-one consultations with licensed cannabis specialists. Employees who deal regularly with patients who are afflicted with severe diseases are now required to undergo compassion fatigue training.


Cannabis for Medicinal Use and the Opioid Epidemic

In light of the current opioid crisis, PharmaCann proposes extending the availability of medicinal cannabis programs. The promise of cannabis as an alternative to opioids is already being tracked by states like New York, which keeps track of statistics on both opioid prescriptions and visits to medical cannabis dispensaries. Cannabis is becoming more widely accepted as a genuine medicinal choice as society observes its usefulness in combating the opioid problem. This shift, as well as the merging of healthcare and retail in the medical industry, is exemplified by their brand.

Patient Education for Better Decisions

The primary focus of their clinics is on instructing patients. Staff members are well-versed in all things cannabis-related, guaranteeing patients get the most up-to-date and accurate information possible. This kind of patient education allows for more individualized treatment plans that take into account the patient’s specific needs and preferences.


Affordability and Ease of Access

When it comes to serving their patients, Verilife dispensaries go above and beyond the norm by providing welcoming environments. Patients of all ages and medical backgrounds can feel comfortable in the bright and welcoming patient access areas. Priority is also given to making sure patients with mobility issues can get to the dispensary without any problems.

Providing Care and Concern

Verilife places a premium on compassion and empathy. Staff workers are given training to prevent compassion fatigue so that they may more successfully interact with patients who are dealing with serious medical issues. This sympathetic attitude helps dispensary employees connect with their patients and earn their confidence.

 Community Participation

Verilife dispensaries are more than simply shops; they work to change people’s minds about medical marijuana by educating and engaging the communities in which they are located. Their goal is to increase public knowledge and acceptance of cannabis’ therapeutic uses by hosting community events, launching educational projects. And working with local leaders.

Sustainability in Cannabis Farming

The fact that PharmaCann has partnered with Grodan, the industry standard in sustainable stone wool growing solutions, speaks volumes about the company’s dedication to environmental responsibility. They guarantees that their medical marijuana is of the highest grade and purity by using sustainable growing methods.

The Future Evolution

Verilife’s big aspirations for growth stem from the success of its first dispensary, which just opened in Arlington Heights. The upcoming dispensary in Cincinnati, Ohio, will serve patients in a busy retail area, increasing the visibility. And accessibility of medicinal cannabis in the region. They have planed to keep expanding, developing new products. And standing up for the rights of medical marijuana patients in the years to come. It aspires to be a market leader cannabis sector and improve the lives of patients throughout the Eastern United States. And beyond by being committed to its patient-centric strategy, encouraging empathy and compassion, and responding to changing market conditions.

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Verilife is PharmaCann’s next-generation dispensary brand, focusing on patients and meeting the needs of various individuals seeking medicinal cannabis as a treatment option. As the company expands its operations on the East Coast. Their aims to raise awareness about the plant’s therapeutic properties and change public opinion. It provides information and counseling to patients, ensuring comfort for patients of all ages and medical backgrounds. Staff members receive training to prevent compassion fatigue, enhancing communication with patients dealing with serious health issues. It’s leading the charge to advocate extension of medicinal cannabis programs as alternative to opioid problem in several Eastern states. It partners with local communities and sponsors educational events to increase knowledge about the medical benefits of cannabis.

They have plans to expand its business, create new products, and promote the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. It aims to be a market leader in the cannabis sector, significantly impacting patients throughout the. Eastern United States and beyond with its patient-centric strategy, empathy, and compassion. Their dispensaries are strategically placed to meet the health, wellness, and medical specialty requirements of local communities. As a pioneer in the rapidly developing field of medicinal cannabis. Verilife is well-positioned to influence the development of the medical cannabis industry in the Eastern United States. Due to its commitment to providing high-quality service and a genuine patient experience.

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