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Indica vs. Sativa.

Indica vs. Sativa

The Hemp Facts
October 9, 2021
What’s the difference? The most commonly asked question is whether to use Indica strain or Sativa strain. In today’s topic, we will...
Lazarus Natural

Lazarus Natural CBD Products Review

The Hemp Facts
October 8, 2021
CBD products are in great demand these days since it helps to relieve the signs of anxiety and depression and it is...
Decarboxylated CBD

What is Decarboxylated CBD?

The Hemp Facts
October 7, 2021
Both CBD and THC are highly known compounds present in the plant cannabis. CBD is extracted from the plant cannabis. When the...

The Truth About Rick Simpson oil RSO

The Hemp Facts
October 6, 2021
Rick Simpson oil is extracted from the marijuana plant cannabis. Some researchers believe that the chemicals present in it can treat cancer,...
Using CBD Oil For Seizures in Adults

Using CBD Oil For Seizures in Adults

The Hemp Facts
September 15, 2021
There are many names for the plant cannabis. At one point, these words were taboo, but now more people are accepting them....
How To Use CBD for Epilepsy

How To Use CBD for Epilepsy

The Hemp Facts
September 13, 2021
In the past year, many people have been talking about CBD and its potential to help people with epilepsy. The most remarkable...
Charlotte Figi

CBD and Epilepsy: The Charlotte Figi Story

The Hemp Facts
September 11, 2021
The use of CBD oil for epilepsy seizures has been around the medical cannabis community since 2005. Charlotte Figi, a Colorado toddler...